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Sven Meppelink (born in Arnhem, The Netherlands on December 17, 1998) better known as “Zinowiththesticks” or “Zino” is a Dutch DJ/Drummer/Producer who ingeniously merges the realms of live music and electronic music into one performance. His rhythmic background as a drummer/percussionist combined with house music, mainly influenced by genres like Latin and Afro, infuse a unique energy into his DJ sets, ensuring a vibrant atmosphere, unique excperience and moving hips.

Presskit 2024 (shot by Jimmy James)

His passion for music, particularly drums and performing, stems from his grandfather, who initially started drumming in bands and later became a DJ at discos. Thus, Zino’s love for music blossomed at a young age. He received his first drum set at 3, began drum lessons at 4 (becoming the youngest ever at that drum school), and by 5/6, he was already performing small gigs on the streets during King’s Day for a few euros and some lollipops.

During his studies at the Dutch Pop Academy (2016-2018), Zino realized his potential went beyond being just a band drummer in the background. He aspired for more. Despite gaining extensive experience as a drummer with DJs in clubs national and internationally. The year 2020 paused the young artist’s career due to the pandemic. This hiatus allowed him to contemplate his career, leading to the conception of his current show.

Zino has made significant strides nationally and tasted some international exposure. However as Zino’s life slogan goes “Don’t dream your life, but live your dreams,” he doesn’t intend to stop here and has some big plans. He believes it’s just the beginning and he is just getting started. His dream? To travel the world with his act, doing what he loves most and entertaining and inspiring as many people as possible with his passion


Zino with his grandpa waiting in the backstage area before his show at Holland's got talent

You might have already come across his name or face. You may recognize Zino from his audition on Holland’s Got Talent, his live set on radio FunX, his popular mashups on TikTok, or perhaps you’ve seen his performances on prominent avenues across the Netherlands.

Zino just started his own exclusive act last year and is busy taking over de music industry. However, this doesn’t mark the beginning of his journey. Over the past years he’s made some significant steps in the music business. Like in 2019 he joined “Biota Events” as a drummer in their soundsystem. They performed at multiple avenues  across the country including : their own festival in Curacao, boat parties, beach parties and club events. With Biota Soundsystem he shared the stage with some big artists such as Charly Black, Gyptian, Neru Americano, L.A.X, and many more. Additionally, from 2018 to 2021, he was part of a Dutch/Caribbean nostalgic group called “K-liber,” known for hits like “Viben” or “Magnifico.”

Zino's first live performance at FunX

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